The Various Types Of Rappers

Hip Hop music is constantly originating but one thing which stays the same is the way the emcees approach their music. This leads them to developing their own signature style. Different rappers express themselves in different ways. All our favorite rappers are influenced by separate music styles and environments, this leads them to produce music in new and innovative ways. This is what leads to every rapper developing their distinguished style. The following are the various types of rappers who have their own signature style.

1. The Lyricist

When you say that a rapper is lyrical, what you mean is that the rapper pays special attention to the kind of lyrics they are making. Lyricist rappers are also trying to be conscious and clever in their lyrics. Many rap purists listen to the music for the lyricism and the skill with which it is presented. If you take the time to dissect their music, lyrically complex rappers create beautifully woven verses while also promoting other elements of rap — creating deep topics and replay value for the listener.

A perfect example is Andre 3000.

2. The Storyteller

The rappers in this category often tell part of the entire story by putting together an intricate or impactful plot. These kinds of rappers are usually very talented considering the fact that most rappers are capable of writing high-quality standard songs but only a few are able to attract the attention of the listener by developing an emotionally charged story that has the power to touch hearts and perception.

A perfect example here is Ab-Soul.

3. The Party Rappers

These are the kind of rappers that want to make club anthems that people will turn up to. Most party rappers are bass driven, block rocking hip hop rappers that have only the intentions of keeping the groove going. Their lyrics are usually inconsequential with none of the political overtones of hardcore rap and only a small fraction of the cleverness of old school rap. Instead, in this kind of genre of rap music, what matters most are the bass and drums taking precedence (currently very popular with the introduction of trap beats).

A perfect example here is Soulja Boy.

4. The Technical Rapper

These rappers are mostly confused with the lyrist rappers and compared to the next group of rappers. There is a thin line that separates technical rappers from the lyrical ones. Technical rappers often focus on rhymes and flow and try to come out as impressive instead of being conscious. Therefore, being a technical rapper means that you focus more on the structure of the rap and the way it sounds including things like rhyme scheme, assonance, metaphors, alliteration, and voice. A good technical rapper is one that is capable of flowing well within their rap and not being predictable doing it.

A perfect example over here is Tech N9ne.

5. Conscious Rappers

Sometimes these rappers are referred to as backpack rapper. Conscious rappers rap about anything that focuses on creating awareness and imparting knowledge. This genre of rappers focuses on truths, keeping their music consciously connected to the real world. Conscious rapping is propelled by the conviction that radical social change comes through knowledge of self and personal discovery. As said above most technical rapper focus on the kind of flow of their rhythm forgetting the consciousness of the content they are rapping and that makes it compared to conscious rappers. Unfortunately, most conscious rappers are less successful than their counterparts given the fact that they often create music for the headphones not necessarily for mass radio.

A perfect example over here is an all time classic NWA.

If you’re a hip hop head, you’ll probably have realized at this point in the article that almost all rappers fit in a multitude of categories. Most of them are a mix and that is why you might find some of them appearing in more than just one category. However, a rapper’s identity usually requires them to carry a lot of weight in one specific category. And, usually the most successful rappers have dabbled in all categories. Please leave a comment if you think this list is missing any other categories.