Urbans Reaction Reacted On ‘Don’t Hold Back’ To Show Support Towards Indian HipHop Scene

Urban’s Reaction, the very first hip-hop elements related a YouTube-based reaction channel, came straight outta Bangladesh to show their contribution to worldwide hip-hop culture. Their last episode was on ‘Don’t Hold Back’ Jack & Jones feat. Ranveer Singh and gang.

Urban’s Reaction team said to DHH that, “we aren’t gonna keep ourselves into country borders, rather than we will kick them borders outta the way and focus on every countries hip-hop scenario.  And focusing on Indian hip-hop scene is one of our effort to that.

They think Bollywood super star Ranveer Singh is really stepping forward to support Indian hip-hop scenario. Which is a great support to them mainstream and underground artists out there.

Urban’s reaction got more reaction videos on their YouTube channel which is based on other mainstream/underground Indian hip-hop artists.  You guys can go and check them out too.

Go watch their reaction now. Subscribe them.