Upcoming Female Rappers You Should Be Listening Right Now

If you’re passing on to female rappers in 2016, you’re clearly missing out. Often ignored in the past, now female rappers are on top of the game pushing hits after hits while on the verge of snatching the music industry for themselves.

Below we came up with the best upcoming female rappers so be sure to do your research if you slept on these names.

10. Nyemiah Supreme


Suported by Timbaland, Nyemiah Supreme has a lot of mainstream potential. She’s tough, beautiful, talented and ready to take her music to the next level.

9. Sa-Roc


Sa-Roc keeps it real with quality music and great delivery. Part of Rhymesayers Entertainment, she has a great platform to grow and a dope style to offer to everyone interested.

8. Lola Monroe


Born in Ethiopia, Lola Monroe is already part of a solid camp – Taylor Gang. She’s been doing her thing on a lot of mixtape work so soon we should be seeing her step her game up with a major single.

7. FM Supreme


Chicago comes through with FM Supreme that takes her rhyming skills to promote peace, social activism and pure knowledge. She’s been creating a lot of buzz locally and chances are we get to hear her on a national level soon.

6. Yani


Yani comes from ATL and she’s socially-involved, positive and unapologetic about her music. We predict that it won’t be long until you hear her on a major record.

5. JunglePussy


Whether JunglePussy is talking about race or gender, she’s always sharing pure knowledge on raw beats. It’s a rare thing to have talent and good looks but this Brooklyn girl has it both.

4. Brooke Candy


Brooke Candy has been in the Rap game for a few good years and by the looks of it she plans on taking her music career to the next level. In 2014 she signed a deal with RCA so we should expect some major moves to take place.

3. Lizzo


Coming out of Minneapolis, Lizzo is fun, creative and has a great personality without neglecting her music skills. Her videos are always provocative and it’s just a matter of time until she gets a major breakthrough.

2. Tink


Being signed with Timbaland comes with great benefits, no doubts about it, but Tink made a name for herself before Timba’s Mosley Music Group. She’s the next big thing out of Chicago and quite possible a star in the making.

1. Snow Tha Product


Creative, dope on delivery and good looking. Snow Tha Product made a lot of major moves recently and by the looks of it she is the next female rapper to reach the superstar status.