This is how helping the homeless inspired Unknown Mizery’s latest album


I’ve been listening to Unknown Mizery for the past weekend. His album – Sacred Soil 2 – just dropped via, so I decided to take some time and invest in listening to his work of art.

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Posted by on Saturday, April 22, 2017


The guy – Mizo aka Unknown Mizery – sounds to me like a young Nas, morphed into a poet who needs to express himself. Through all of his songs in Sacred Soil 2, you can instantly understand that this man’s on a mission – and his mission is to speak the truth; especially in a world where the truth is very difficult to find.

unknown mizery
Drake x Unknown Mizery

Motivated by his oldschool vibes in his music, I gave him a call to truly understand the inspirations behind his music.

I had a hunch that the album meant a lot more than just music and lyricism. And, my hunch was right.

All the beats in the album – Sacred Soil 2 – was produced by Lay Low. For those of you who don’t know much about Lay Low, the man’s a composer/producer from Vancouver. Lay Low and Unknown Mizery hooked up a number of years ago and put together their first collaborative work titled – Sacred Soil.

Since then, Unknown Mizery and Lay Low toured the world – both aimed to become known, and not have to lay low any more. Fast forward a few years, and Unknown Mizery was back in Canada after completing a number of tours.

“I had massive writers block when I returned to Vancouver from tour. So, I started working at a homeless shelter to get my mind off of my own problems. What I learned at the shelter, opened my eyes forever.”

unknown mizery

After spending a few months working at the shelter, Unknown Mizery started to learn about the life stories of the forgotten people. This inspired Mizo to tell their stories. He started learning more about the people at the shelter, and connected at a personal level with some of the residents.

“Then one day, out of the blue, one of the residents at the shelter passed away. This person overdosed, and I had developed a relationship with this resident. It was heart breaking, man.”

He was so down after this experience that he took some time off of work so that he can re-focus and move forward. At this point, he decided to tell the stories of the people at the shelter, and express himself without holding back.

He was so motivated and driven that he just had to record an album dedicated to the people at the homeless shelter.

unknown mizery

“That’s when I called up Lay Low, and we started talking about an album. I reeaalllyyy needed to express myself and get these thoughts and emotions out of me.”

“The guy had a treasure trove of beats ready, and he sent them to me. I just spent a whole weekend listening to all the dope-ass beats he sent my way, and started writing… writing… writing… By the end of the weekend, I had a majority of the lyrics written down.”

unknown mizery

“I literally dumped all my thoughts on paper. The pains, the struggles, the motivation, the drive, and most of all – stories from various people I have connected with throughout my life.”

1 moment of inspiration. 1 weekend of writing everything down. And, 3 weeks later. Album, done.

That’s how Sacred Soil 2 came about. And it’s dope, so go ahead and check it out. If you think you love Hip Hop, you will love this album – it’s got all the elements of a true classic Hip Hop album. Go ahead, click on the links below – you know what to do.