Unknown Mizery – Kill The Flowers


Kill The Flowers is a solo album by Unknown Mizery. This project is accompanied by raw production from Rex Seshunz aka Primacy. The theme of this album is regarding the life and death and of the growth within oneself. Mizo brings you on a journey through his travels across the globe which he has embarked upon during the last few years of his career.


Ranging from themes of drug abuse, poverty, betrayal, oppression and his understanding of metaphysics, this album has lyrics for everyone. Rapper paints an artistic picture with words; depicting how our society is self-deteriorating our inner, outer and collective universal beauty. Kill The Flowers and you will die!

This album is released on Chamber Musik/Thrice Great Records from the USA. Unknown Mizery’s label mates are the likes of Mayhem Lauren, Shabaaz the Disciple of the Wu-Tang Family and more.

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1. Emergency Broadcast

2. Petrified Wood

3. Juggle Water

4. Follow the Profit

5. Indentured

6. Buried with your Nostalgia

7. Backroads of Kalighat

8. Kill the Flowers

The lyrics and vocals by Unknown Mizery, Produced by Rex Seshunz aka Primacy. All songs mixed and mastered by DJ Billy Bishop at Observatory Studios.