“Unknown Mizery”, Drops ‘Anti Fa’ To Stimulate Masses

Desi Hip Hop emcee “Unknown Mizery” recently dropped a new single ‘Anti Fa’, in order to promote his new album and music video series which is about to launch in 2017. He is also a part of Babylon Warchild and is killing beats with them and also in his solo pursuit.

Producer “Lay Low” gave a classic anthem instrumental which helped the emcee in conveying what is going on his head.
This track is indeed an anthem for the international groups of Anti-Fascists. During a time in the globe when racism is at an all time high, US president Donald Trump is signing racist, classist and sexist bills and passing these laws like a dictator. He is addressing the problems which other countries are facing because of Trump’s stupidity.

It is to motivate masses and convey that the leaders of other countries are done watching in silence. The people have faced enough of it, they are being divided through social media and mental trickery.

This song is the anthem for the ANTFA movement worldwide. I wish if we had a music video for this track as it would be interesting to see how ‘Unknown Mizery’ would have portrayed it visually.

Check out the track right here: