Underground Artists Made An Assertion With “7uck Mainstream”

Our underground scene has seen days when there were just one release in like 10 days to 10 releases per day. In the crowd of track out there I came across ‘7uck Mainstream’ which was shared by the Punjabi spearhead Sikander Kahlon himself.


The tracks has quite a few rappers on them and San Cha decided to put Prince, Uday Bakshi, The Ray, Ipsy & M.Zhe on it. To be very honest I have mixed reviews about the track but the positives outweigh the negatives. To start with the whole concept of a posse cut is still not as implemented as it should be hence i give San Cha props for the initivate of getting so many emcees together and putting down a track. I also like the content and mind you it takes guts to be so in your face, the underground has very rightfully asked the mainstream about the sort of fake bling and rented cars they show in the videos and stuff, a lot of the mainstream hip-hop in India in fruity and they are feeding fans pop in the name of rap. There is a lot of variety in the flows and delivery and will keep the listener guessing for what is coming next.

Now on to the negatives, the track is not produced very well and makes it very difficult for the listener to try and understand about what is being said. The hook has sick lyrics but it could have been put down in a better way. There are a few clarity issues in a few lines as well but then none of us are perfect and it takes time to get everything right and we all know getting it right is no one night task.

I give San Cha and the entire team props for the attempt and the content and if they pay attention to the quality of music they have the potential to become a force to be dealt with.