UK Grime Artist Akala Conducts One Of A Kind Workshop For Mumbai Rappers!

None other than Akala has made his way to India touring major cities. The first destination was Mumbai and his tour kicked off with a special workshop conducted for rappers from the Bay. World renowned artist Akala is famous for his workshops where he compares the work of Shakespeare to that of old-school rappers. Akala‘s initiative ‘The Hip Hop Shakespeare Company’ and ‘Immigrant Live’ are working together on this tour.

It was 6 PM in the evening after the city had cooled down for namesake. Rappers and a few other artists had already gathered at the Cotton press Studio in Parel. Everyone was waiting for the arrival of Akala who was on his way from the Saavn headquarters after finishing a live session. Soon the setup was finished and the session kicked off.

akala hip hop workshop mumbai

Now, we are not sure about how many hip-hop workshops rappers in India have offered. But this was certainly one of its kind. After a small talk with the artists about the UK hip-hop scene and hip hop in general, Akala began the session with an icebreaker game.

Gradually, the session progressed into its deeper stage and things got more interesting. Every person was handed out a piece of paper with one line of poetry written on it. They had to guess if it’s a Shakespeare poem or a line off of a hip-hop track. Akala guaranteed that not everyone will get it right, and surely that was the case!

By doing so, Akala explained that there are lots of similarities between the poems written by the legend centuries ago and typically the 90s era of hip-hop. Rappers were also given different exercises where they recited Shakespeare verses on hip-hop beats. Later, they were asked to come up with their own rhymes, keeping in mind the written line of a poem they first received.

Rappers from the crew Swadesi and Elsewhere were present for the workshop. Few other rappers present included Shaikhspeare and me, Dee MC. Akala is all set to perform today at Lower Parel, and all these faces will be attending it for sure!

Watch the live video of Akala‘s workshop posted by Immigrant Live –

The Hip Hop Shakespeare Company X IMM|GR^NT Workshop

Posted by Immigrant Live on Wednesday, March 29, 2017