Tyson X Rishabh – Bass Vibrate


It is always fantastic when you see the marriage of two different genres. The tape Bass Vibrate here is the union of Bass Music and New School Trap Hip-Hop. Tyson X and Rishabh have collaborated to bring out the best in both genres by fusing their elements. In the before mentioned genres, the 6 track mixtape encompasses varied vibes, killer flows and the production is spot on.


All the Rappers featured in the mixtape are doing some serious damage in their individual pursuits. Mc Bijju from Bangalore has got a nasty chopper flow on “DEKHAPALU” and “CRAZY” ripping it through the instrumental like a tracer bullet. I came across a new Rapper, Rajah from Delhi on a track called “Takkar” and he packs punches alongside a dope flow. B3 (RAGE MUSIC) drops heavy bars on the piece “Blown Away” which is a straight up new age banger. My favourite track of the tape is ‘We made it‘ and it features a new Kolkata-based act called J-Trix, there is a distinct vibe and the content is not what you think it is, you will have to listen to it to catch their drift. They also have S.I.D and DJ LETHAL from “Hip Hop Kannadigaru” alongside Mc Bijju on the “CRAZY“, probably which ranks second on my list.

The production on the album as mentioned above is varied, many listeners like a mixtape or album to sound consistent in terms of a vibe; I, on the other hand, might represent the minority and like different types of sounds in an album. It is very difficult to pull off an entire mixtape with diverse elements from two sub-genres such as Bass music and Trap, it takes a lot of attention, time and skill to make sure no two tracks sound similar and every track has a different but catchy vibe.

This mixtape should be checked out without delay.