Twitter Just Got Interesting

With J.Hind’s latest tweet ” @MANJmusik must not have learned his lesson the 1st time. You can hide behind the internet but we’ll come face to face soon bitch #yourbaap” this could be the boiling point in Bohemia’s and Manj Musik’s beef.

J hind's tweet

Everyone remembers the Bohemia performance in early 2015 in Delhi where he straight called out Manj Musik. It was tweeted by J. Hind which added spark to the Desi Hip Hop beef.
Here’s a little reminder –

Ever since 2014 J.Hind and Manj Musik have been beefing on twitter. To overview this whole beef, J.Hind just basically criticises Manj Musik’s thinking that he is a pioneer in the desi hip hop scene. Manj’s only reply to J.Hind was that people are already getting upset, just because of Manj’s track called Desi Hip Hop. Manj Musik blocked J. Hind after this tweet .

J Hind Tweet came after this picture was uploaded On Manj Musik’s instagram which was taken during Raftaar’s wedding.

manj musik j. hind

Here is J.Hind’s hilarious reply on Instagram with context of Manj Musik performing at weddings.

manj musik j. hind

This isn’t over for sure, keep checking back for more updates.