Tu Bhi – Haji Springer (RAAJ JONES X – CLUSIVE)

We always give props where they are due and like always even this time Raaj Jones deserves mad props. Here we have another Raaj Jones X-Clusive and this time he got Haji Springer’s, ‘Tu Bhi’.

haji 2

The track is fire and has Haji spitting tight rhymes in English and Hindi. He has packed misogynistic punches and is literally and lyrically claiming that he is shitting on rappers. The message is short and simple, kind of like the duration of the track. Haji is always witty with the pen and his metaphors or comparisons are the perfect examples.

haji 1“Flicking the wrist,’striker’
like a carrom board
I am in a 747 jet,
Pulling up higher than the seventh floor.”

The beat is bumpy and groovy. There are not too many elements in the beat, which actually works in Haji’s favor as he gets to treat this instrumental like a blank canvas. Haji says in the track itself that he has produced this track.

This Raaj Jones X-Clusive initiative is dope and is very similar to what Sway does on his radio show, “Sway in the morning”. I am pretty sure that we will get to hear some really killer music by some big names in the scene via this portal. For now, check this out: