“We Are Trying To Bring ‘New School Desi Hip-Hop’ To The Front” Hardy | Exclusive Interview


Recently DesiHipHop.com exclusively released, ‘Dope Boy‘ by Hardy and it has been getting quite the response. It has already crossed 16,000 views and it seems like it will be climbing upwards in the coming time.

Luckily, I caught up with Hardy to know more about his release and what was the story behind it. I came to know about something they are trying to initiate called New-School Desi Hip-Hop which sounds interesting. In addition, he narrated me the story behind it and also spoke about his relationship with Olvin. He uninhibitedly spoke about the scene and how things look like for him in the future. I also was able to speak to the director of the video, G-Frekey from Desi Beam regarding this release.

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Have a look at how the conversations went :

SLYCK: What was the concept behind the track, what inspired you to make this track?

HARDY: I’m a big fan of Wiz Khalifa and A$AP. I listen to their music quite often. Their music is great to vibe to and it also pumps you up. Hence, in a way, Wiz Khalifa and A$AP kind of influenced me to make such music.

SLYCK: What was the writing and production process behind it?

HARDY: Actually, there is a short story behind this. As I just told you, I got motivated to write such music, I made Olvin listen to this track and which gave birth to the genre of ‘New-School DesiHipHop’. First we recorded it on an internet beat. A few days later, we made Bigg Slim listen to the track. He liked it so much that he decided to make a beat for it and re-record the track.

SLYCK: What do you think about the Chandigarh Hip-Hop scene?

HARDY: Usually I have heard people saying that there is not much scope for Chandigarh Hip-hop. I totally disagree with the statement. Me and Olvin have quite a few tracks in store which will change this perception. There are a lot of artists who are emerging and will put this myth to rest.

Dope Boy by Hardy- Hip Hop songs- desi hip hop Image

SLYCK: How does the future look like for you and your crew ?

HARDY: Actually me and Olvin are like brothers but we are not a crew. It was Olvin’s call that we should not name our duo and use Olvin & Hardy so that people can easily get our names in case anyone of us drops a solo. I really liked the thought and logic behind this. We are cool keeping things this way and have a lot of music in store. We are happy to see how DesiHipHop.com supporting us with our content. We really appreciate that. Shout out to Hardik & Sandeep who have always been helping us out.

SLYCK: Any message for fans or followers ?

HARDY : I am really thankful to people who are liking our music. Earlier, ‘All My Munde‘ got a lot of appreciation. Now, ‘Dope Boy’ is getting positive attention. I would like to thank all our supporters & followers of hip hop songs who loved us from day one. Keep supporting. Love you all.

G-Frekey, who directed this music video said the following:

‘Dope Boy’ is all about street music. Its a sound of the hood. I heard this song around one and a half years ago. I am aware of the conversation between him and Bigg Slim and the track came out fantastic. We all are from the same hood or at least the same city. They approached me for the video because they thought it was only me who justify their track. The video was made around a year ago but was being stalled due to reasons unknown to me. A shout out to Sandeep for helping out Hardy with this release. I got to give a shout out to my homie, $hevy who helped me with this video. Honey Virk was the DOP and Varun Arora (Imaginations) who edited this video. I honestly think a hip-hop track is incomplete without a dope video.”

Watch the video of ‘Dope Boy’ by Hardy here: