Tre Ess drops ‘All Before Dawn’


Tre Ess is an upcoming artist who is based in Bangalore. His latest body of work, ‘All Before Dawn‘ has been a very intricate attempt to give some something remarkable.


Tre Ess has spent more than four years trying to come up with this album and after 4 years, 200 beats and over 40 songs later, he finally shortlisted 9 songs for his debut. Like every artist who goes through ups and downs in his life even Tre Ess went through the same but he assimilated all of those emotions and was able to harness them in the form of 9 different tracks. There is no doubt that it is a very personal album which Tre Ess and it probably represents that he stands by. After listening to the album you can easily figure out that this a very dark album and probably is one the most experimental tapes that I have heard in a while.

Album talks about certain mental problems as well and he wishes to connect with other people going through the same.

The track listing is as follows :

1.All good
3.Bright Lights
4.One Last
5.That 3 A:M Ride
6.Bus ride
9.Dying Dreams

The album is a story in itself and should not be slept on. Tre has released something very different from what you are probably listening to these days. The 4 years which Tre has put in this tape were definitely worth it.