Travel With Mizo – Kolkata, India (Part 1)

Unknown Mizery (Member of Babylon Warchild) has been performing & travelling the globe for the past 6 years. During his international tours, he also participated in community events, youth events and general local lifestyles.

Recently, Unknown Mizery, better known as Mizo has in India and he travelled to Mumbai and Kolkata.  While travelling, he had performed a few concerts, recorded a music video (Not Released yet), freestyled with artists and had facilitated youth workshops regarding Hip-Hop culture, healing and knowledge of self.


This clip is a small introduction of the scene in Kolkata. The footage you will see is from the famous graffiti alley in Kolkata and these visuals are complemented by Footage from the BOOM BLOC party that was organised by the RUN 033 fam.  Mizo says that Performing here was a great experience, “To see the talent in my ancestral homeland was inspiring.  Thank you, India!” More clips focussed on Kolkata are in the works for future media output.

In this footage, Mizo and Pooja (EHW Correspondent) are speaking with K KREW who are representing the RUN 033 movement for Desi Hip-Hop. “We will touch on a brief history of graffiti culture in Kolkata and we will also discuss the powers of Hip Hop and healing within the 033.

More footage from Kolkata coming in part 2 and 3, till then watch part 1 on YouTube below –