Traitor Fights Back With His Latest Release ‘Back To Nowhere’


Syed Mohad Ali who is known as Traitor by his stage name is a Riyadh-based hip-hop artist and is associated with a crew called Gawky Records. After a very long gap, he is back with his new track ‘Back To Nowhere‘. The music for the track is produced by CXDY and the video is directed and edited by M.ZHE. The whole track is mixed and mastered by  San Cha.

The track is basically a comeback for Traitor as he is not releasing his tracks and is not active in the scene anymore. He shifted to Pakistan for further studies and he got no time for his music. On his vacations, he went to his homeland and thought of making a track. His crew members supported him and told him to release one solo track as it’s been quite long he has not released any solo tracks. He wants to give shoutouts to M.ZHE and San Cha for helping him on this project. On his 1.55 sec track he explains his haters that he is not going to stop and in the coming days, he will shine for sure. On the other hand, M.ZHE shot a beautiful video which makes this track one of a kind. The overall output of the track is very good and hope you guys will enjoy this track too.

Check OutBack To Nowhere’ By Traitor Here: