The Tragedy Faced By Bohemia’s Latest Album

Bohemia recently released ‘Skull & Bones‘ via T-Series‘s YouTube account and iTunes and the praise received by the work is massive. It is a classic album for sure and Bohemia has shut all the haters for good with this release and it has also been performing well in the charts with praises from other rappers both Underground and Mainstream.


Talking about the tragedy, Bohemia’s team is facing the duplication of views and free leaks by third party sites. This problem is faced by a lot of musicians and has existed ever since bootlegging was made online. To explain the situation more, if T-series releases a track from the album and someone decides to re-upload the track on a different account altogether to gain subscribers or views which dilute the overall views on the audio project. This also exists in the case of iTunes and bootlegging their Mp3’s instead of buying. Nevertheless, Bohemia made the album free to stream by releasing it on YouTube and even after that some people are duplicating the video in order to gain views or subscribers.

The album is performing well with the fans and it is popping off. The album screams old school and hardcore lyricism which we all envy and we hope Bohemia conquers all at the end. An evergreen career still going on!