Top 10 Dope Hip-Hop Songs Used In Movies

There is a perception that the success of a film is dependent upon the cast it has. It’s dependent upon the way it’s directed, the screenplay and many other things. However, what people usually don’t credit is the soundtrack of the movie which indeed is a very major part in any films production. There have been countless movies produced till date but at this instant, we’ll focus on the best hip-hop movie soundtracks.

1. Shake Ya Tailfeather

Performed by Nelly, Murphy Lee and Diddy. The track was used in “Bad Boys 2”. Well, people who already know about the above franchise of two movies know that it was directed by Michael Bay. When Michael directs a movie it is out of this world. Before Michael signed a deal with Linkin Park to handle all of his major radio singles, there was “Shake Ya Tailfeather” which became an instant hit.

Watch “Shake Ya Tailfeather” here:

2. Grand Finale

“Grand Finale” was performed by DMX, Nas, Method Man, Ja Rule. The track was used in the film “Belly“. Although the film didn’t do that well at the box office, it is still loved for “Grand Finale”.

Watch “Grand Finale” here:

3. Gangsta Paradise 

It was performed by Coolio. “Gangsta Paradise” was used in “Dangerous Minds” and was originally a single. Coolio altered the track to fit the theme of the movie. “Gangsta Paradise” is one of the few hip-hop tracks which has won a Grammy Award and too without any profanity.

Watch “Gangsta Paradise” here:

4. 100 Black Coffins

“100 Black Coffins” was performed by Rick Ross. The track was used the film Django Unchained, with a cast that includes Leonardo Dicaprio, Samuel L Jackson and Jamie Foxx. When Quentin Tarentino was making the original soundtrack for the film, Foxx convinced Tarentino to look at Rick Ross and the rest is history. The film was a commercial success at the box office. ‘100 Black Coffins’ is one of the many songs in the original soundtrack.

Watch  “100 Black Coffins” here:

5. We Own It

Performed by Wiz Khalifa and 2 Chainz, the track was used in the commercially successful film “Fast and Furious 6”. The song was used in both in the opening and end credits of the movie. “We Own It” was a commercial success in its own league and well the film was a success also all together.

Watch  “‘We Own It'” here:

6. Rivers of Blood

Performed by Wu-Tang Clan and Kool G Rap, the track was used in another Tarentino film ‘The Man With The Iron Fist’. The track was the best soundtrack of any film released in 2012.

Watch  “‘Rivers of Blood” here:

7. Check On It

Performed by Beyoncé, Slim Thug and Bun B, the track was used in the film “The Pink Panther“. The film features Steve Martin, who is one the most versatile actors that I have ever seen. But the film didn’t perform well at the box office as anticipated but the track went on to find huge accolades for itself and the artist who sang it.

Watch  “Check On It” here:

8. Fight The Power

Performed by Public Enemy, the track was used in the film “Do The Right Thing“. “Fight The Power” was recorded at the behest of the director and not at the will of the recording studio. Both the film and track were a critical acclaimed at that time.

Watch  “Fight The Power” here:

9. Act a Fool

Performed by Ludacris, “Act a Fool” was used in the film “2 Fast 2 Furious”. It is the second track from the Furious franchise to make this list. Well, the track itself was a commercial success and catapulted Ludacris to the top of his career both as a singer and also as a full-time actor.

Watch “Act a Fool here:

10. ‘Errtime’

Performed by Nelly, “Errtime” was used in the remake of the film The Longest Yard. With the same name featuring Adam Sandler, the film was a commercial success earning 5 times more than what the original film had earned. The film was funded by MTV Films and the song soared in the top 30s on the Billboard charts. Both the track and the film were a commercial success.

Watch “Errtime here: