The Best Selling Hip Hop Albums of All Time

Even if CDs are almost dead and streaming service took over the music industry, not so long ago rappers broke records after records selling their albums in a physical form via music stores. In fact people used to line up in front of the store waiting for the hottest albums to drop, but those days are long gone.

No wonder we need to dig back a few good years to find the best selling Hip Hop albums of all time but we managed to do that and we also crushed the numbers below. Check out a top 10 with the best selling albums coming from rappers.

10. 50 Cent – “Get Rich or Die Trying” (8.300.000 units)


Having your first album backed up by Eminem and Dr. Dre is definitely a great asset, but 50 should get most of his credit regardless. After all `In The Club` was the biggest hit of 2003 and one of the most iconic songs of all time.

9. Nelly – “Country Grammar” (8.500.000 units)


Yes, Nelly has one of the best selling Hip Hop albums of all time! Despite having a slow start , consistent airplay and good performance in the following week landed Nelly with a triple platinum album.

8. Beastie Boys – “Licensed to Ill” (9.000.000 units)


Hip-hop got a serious boost during the ’80 with this album. The Beastie Boys’ performance alongside Slayer guitarist Kerry King brought some legendary hits such as `No Sleep Till Brooklyn` and `Fight For Your Right`. After 30 years the album remains one of the best selling in Hip Hop history.

7. 2Pac – “All Eyez on Me” (9.000.000 units)


Usually having a big list of tracks ruins the overall quality of an album, but this is a really good exception. In order to fulfill his deal with Death Row , Pac had to deliver a ton of music to end his contract. But the songs were out of this world and the album sold like crazy.

6.  Mc Hammer – “Please Hammer , Don`t Hurt Them” (10.000.000 units)


Having a breakthrough during the ’90s, Mc Hammer`s album “Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt Them” sold like crazy but unfortunately the rapper managed to spend it all, and more. His work still made history, either you like it or not.

5. 2Pac – “Greatest Hits” (10.000.000 units)


On the 5th spot we have 2Pac  again with his “Greatest Hits”. The album features his greatest hits with a ton of new quality material that gave his fans even more reasons to question his death. Ten million units were moved.

4. Notorious B.I.G. – “Life After Death” (10.200.000 units)


Another post mortem album lands on our 4th spot. Like most artists, Notorious B.I.G was more valuable after his death with “Life After Death” pushing more than ten million units.

3. Eminem – “The Eminem Show” (10.300.000 units)


Being the best selling rapper of all time guarantees you a spot on our list. Even if he faced a lot of racial discrimination, Eminem went nuts in the studio and push out some of the best records of all time.

2. Eminem “The Marshall Mathers LP” (10.500.000 units)


The second spot is also taken by Eminem with “The Marshall Mathers LP”. Most definitely a solid project with chart breaking hits.

1. Outkast – “Speakerboxx/The Love Below” (11.500.000 units)


Outkast prove that nothing beats a good hit single, and in their case `Hey Ya!` drove some massive numbers. They also take the number one spot in our top. Feeling surprised? Comment below with your favorite album.