Top 5 Most Wealthiest Rappers of 2016


Just like they do each and every year, Forbes decided to release their top five wealthiest rappers of 2016. Most of us already know the names on the list but the figures on the other hand went up.

At least they did for the first three Hip Hop moguls for this year so let’s see how the new top looks like.

5. Aubrey “Drake” Graham ($60 million)

drake wealthiest rappers


With “VIEWS” going triple platinum, Drake had his assets checked by the people at Forbes and apparently he’s got one extra reason to celebrate. Placing 5th on the list the Toronto native managed to reach a $60 million fortune at 29 years old.

“That’s pretty much my objective every year,” Drake once said of having his financial achievements acknowledged by FORBES. “Other than making good music.”

Jumping on to the 4th spot in the list it’s easy to notice that Drizzy still has a long way to go to reach the next level yet no one can say that his efforts went by unnoticed in his financial statements. Well done!

4. Bryan “Birdman” Williams ($110 million)

birdman respeck


Despite being involved in several lawsuits, including a $50 million one with his long time associate Lil Wayne, Birdman still made the Forbes list placing 4th right in front of Drake. The Cash Money CEO has a ton of former associates complaining about his way of making business but it seems like he still managed to make bank with $110 millions. Not bad!

3. Shawn “Jay Z” Carter ($610 million)

jay z wealthiest rapper


Jay’s financial plans have been going great for years so 2016 will close with $610 millions in accounts and assets for him. His wife Beyonce is not behind too much either because she has a net worth estimated at $450 million. This makes them a billionaire couple with Blue Ivy having a bright future almost guaranteed.

2. Andre “Dr. Dre” Young ($710 million)

dr dre andre compton


Dr. Dre places second on the Forbes list with the Beats-Apple deal giving a serious boost to his bank accounts. The NWA-biopic and his long term well-calculated business investments most likely played a significant role for 2016 as well.

1. Sean “Diddy” Combs ($750 million)

sean diddy wealthiest rapper

With the news coming soon after announcing his music retirement, Diddy is apparently the wealthiest Hip Hop act of 2016 with $750 million in cash and assets. While promising one more album and a world tour before the final goodbye his cash can only go up in 2017, right?

We can only notice that names such as 50 Cent, Kanye West, Eminem or Lil Wayne are missing from the top. Any ideas why?