Top 5 Sikander Kahlon Tracks

Sikander Kahlon comes quietly but whatever he drops makes a sensation in the underground. A guy who has already dropped nine full-length mixtapes & two compilation mixtapes released his tenth mixtape, ‘Mohali Messiah 2: Season Sikander‘ on Christmas. It’s really hard for me to select top 5 songs of Sikander Kahlon but I’m still going to try. I know there are songs that I’ll have to drop to create this list but I’ve tried to make it authentic. These are the songs that have spent ages on my playlist and you have the right to disagree. I’d like to know your opinions as well.

Here is my list of Top 5 Sikander Kahlon’s Songs Ever.



Midnight Drive‘ came out in the February of 2013. Many of you are not going to agree with my decision of giving this track the fifth spot. Sikander was still growing in the starting of 2013 so throwing hate at him was obvious for some people. It’s a story and the transition of events in a chronological order was smartly written and performed by him. He didn’t waste a single bar on some senseless rhymes and managed to stay on the theme. Many people didn’t like this track and I can say that by reading the Youtube comments that this video has received but I really loved this one when it first came out.

Watch ‘Midnight Drive’ here: 


Lookin’ Ass Niggas‘ was the first instalment off Sikander Saturdays. It came out in August of 2014 which featured his Kala Kurta Gang friend Kamesh Chawla aka Rob C. It’s a Punjabi remix of Nicki Minaj‘s famous track ‘Lookin’ Ass‘. Rob started off by spitting some bars and later came the man of the hour, Sikander. He rode the beat perfectly. “Jaddon sovaan meri khuli rehndi ek eye/ Iss karke hovaan sapne ch te banawa onu asliyat, same time” is the bar that’s going to grab your attention. This verse by Sikander is a blend of punches, smart bars and storytelling.

Watch ‘Lookin’ Ass Niggas (Punjabi Remix)’ here:


Keeta Ya Remix RICO‘ is the thirteenth track off Sady Immortal and Sikander Kahlon’s collaborative mixtape ‘Punjabi Trap‘. This track is a remix of Meek Mill‘s ‘R.I.C.O‘ which originally had Drake as the guest artist on it. The simplicity of the hook first attracted me towards the track. ‘Keeta Ya Remix RICO’ literally means that they’ve remixed ‘R.I.C.O’. Smart move. Sady’s verse on this track is one of my favourite verses ever. Sikander didn’t go the hard way. He composed a melody and started throwing off some smart bars and punches. “Billo di lage soni mainu bahut photo, Main bas pray karaan ke asliyat ch vi hove Oho!” is a bar that he wrote about the girls who likes to edit their photos way too much that their original face looks unfamiliar when you see them in person. This is tightly mixed track and is definitely in my top 3.

Listen ‘Keeta Ya Remix RICO’ here:


On the KKG remix of my single ‘Mainstream‘, Sikander Kahlon spat “Commercial gaane karne painde, Real rap naal batuye bhare ni rehnde”. So, I decided to give this slot to Sikander Kahlon’s best and the most popular commercial single. It was a Panasonic Mobile MTV Spoken Word presentation and Sikander Kahlon’s breakthrough single. ‘Chal Chaliye’ was produced by Manj Musik and had a feel of west-coast rap. People loved this track because it’s hook is way too catchy. I don’t think no one else has given a proper commercial rap song as popular as this one.

Watch ‘Chal Chaliye’ here:


I know everyone of you had the idea of seeing this track on the top of this list. If I say this is the track with the tightest bars and punchlines in the Desi Hip Hop history, I won’t be lying. It came out as the reply of ‘Direct Gall Baat which was a diss by G Frekey on him. Sikander dissed him back with this one and his wordplay literally ripped him off. Sikander dissed him for four minutes and everyone thought that it was enough but then, the beat changes and he goes all over again. It was probably the first Sikander Kahlon track that I memorised in my head. It’s release created a sense of fear in the underground but managed to earn him some serious respect. There’s bloodshed on this track and no mercy.

Listen ‘I’m Here’ here: