Top 5 Raftaar Songs


Raftaar is a dancer & rapper, to say that he has hustled a lot in his life, would be an understatement. When he started rapping, Manj Musik picked him up under his label ‘Three Records‘, after the death of Kuli. Manj parted his ways from Surj and started his own thing. Right now Raftaar & Manj are taking over the Bollywood Industry with every track they release together.

There are tons of tracks Raftaar has released but below are our favourite top 5. Have a look at them and tell us which are your top 5 favourite tracks by the rapper.

1- Swag Mera Desi

One of the most entertaining song of  2014 by the Bollywood hitmaker duo Manj Musik & Raftaar. Swag Mera Desi was a massive hit and you can feel the Desi Swag in the video. There were few punchy bars by raftaar in this song, the music video has over 6.5 million views on it at the moment.

2- Instagram Love

Instagram Love was released in the month of June this year. This is an up tempo track by Raftaar featuring Kappie in it. It’s quite catchy with a whole different vibe to it. This video has already crossed over 5.5 million views and still counting.

3- Cute Vol.1

Raftaar collaborated with Kanan & The Viral Fever for this track an is a parody of the famous track “Ch**t Vol.1” which is kind of underground, but every hip hop head in india must have heard it. Video of the track is funny as it features actor & actresses from TVF team and the whole concept of this song is fun. PS. “If you want comedy from this ,just watch the people in the background.”

4- All Black

Sukh-e is having a dream run in the Punjabi mainstream, it started with, ‘Sniper‘, he followed that up with ‘Jaguar‘ and now he looks to be continuing the winning streak with, ‘All Black‘ and has got Raftaar on it. This video is a must watch it has all the party flavours & Mukta Chopra in it. The song has already crossed over 25 million views and is a must listen to.

5- Thappad

This song was released in 2013, when Raftaar was under Three Music Records run by Manj Musik. Thappad is a track from his mixtape titled ‘WTF’ Witness The Future. Some of Yo Yo Honey Singh’s fans were not happy with this song because they thought raftaar talked bad about him. This song is a must listen, as it has all that original lyrical flavour of the rapper.