Top 5 Pardhaan Songs

Pardhaan is emerging out as one of the best rappers we have. Born in Karnal, Haryana, he has made his mark in Hindi/Haryanvi rap. He spits some dope bars in Haryanvi that one can never think of and his natural accent makes it sound even better. He is part of a 5 member crew called the “Desi Beam”, which was created back in 2008 and their debut video song “Main Haan Desi” turned many heads towards them. Pardhaan has many promising songs like “Meri Bari” where music is given by Harry Cheema, “Kaint Look” and has also featured in Kali De Nali music production’s “Gametime”, alongside with Bohemia and several other promising rappers. This is not the only time Pardhaan has worked with the rapping pioneer, they have another song together called “Bandookaan” which is a collaboration between Desi beam and Bohemia.

Pardhaan has a lot of songs and it’s not east to pick one. Here are the 5 best songs that sit on top of his others where we can see his raw talent:

5) Zindagi

Zindagi is a song by Guru featuring Pardhaan and Seti X and music is done by PDM. The song revolves around the ups and downs of one’s life and has a very motivational rap by Pardhaan in it. My favorite line from his part is “Safal hua wahi jisne ghutne nahi tek, kharid liye gham khwabo ki bali de k”. He sure knows how to word play.

4) Bhaagte Jao

‘Bhaagte Jao’ was a promotional song for the “Great Karnal Run” held on 31st May 2015 but has a story behind it. The song gives a dual message to the people; one is that we should never give up, never settle for less and we should always be running towards our goals and second is about fitness and health, that we should keep exercising to keep ourselves fit. Anyone can get motivation from this song of his.

3) Rooh (by Bohemia)

‘Rooh’ originally belongs to Bohemia, but what Pardhaan had done is brilliant. He amidst his rap in this song and it has been done so beautifully that it actually seems like a part of the original song. Whether it’s audio or video, both things have been done well and the credit for the video goes to Nottotune. Pardhaan’s Rap in this song is one of his best.


2) Panga (Bera Na Paatega)

This is another song by Desi Beam, his crew, where the music is done by Daa Parv. It has a gangsta soul to it and the whole song can be described in one word only that is DOPE. Dope in terms of music, dope in terms of lyrics, dope in terms of Rap, dope in every freaking term and it comes second in my list of his favourites.

1) Rappers Delight [DRS Jam Sessions]

‘Rappers Delight’ is one of my personal favorite whose beat is produced by Harry Cheema. DRS(Desi Rapper Show) Jam Sessions are organized by Kru 172, lead by Nottotune. Rappers have to rap live on the show and, Harry Cheema and Pardhaan rocked it. Both having 2 verses each and they do optimal justice to the beat “Shehar mera yara Chandigarh, note kar, Naam mera Harry Cheema lohe varga jigar” and “tigdambaaz sun bigdi aulad su kona me seedha sayada pura pangebaaz sun” these introductory lines of their second verses can give goosebumps to anyone. In my sight, this song features Pardhaan’s best rap.