Top 10 Worst Rappers in Music History

Coming from someone that writes top 10s all day, this one with the worst rappers in music history was actually the hardest one so far. Not because the rappers included on the list didn’t deserve their spot but simply because there are so many candidates.

Still, we crushed the list to 10 names that don’t do us any favor by rapping so check out what we have and let us know what you think in the comment section.

10.  Piles


Maybe Piles doesn’t deserve this because he definitely has a strong fan base but his gangsta persona doesn’t fool anyone and his voice doesn’t do us any favors either.

9. Birdman


Birdman is a brilliant business man but he lacks any talent whatsoever when it comes to rapping. Stick to finding diamonds in the rough, Baby. It’s what you do best.

8. Lil B

Lil B

We get it, Lil B comes with an Internet army ready to spam everyone that says anything bad about “The Based God” but that doesn’t cover his lack of music skills. Lil B’s message is okay at times but he’s not even trying when it comes to recording songs.

7. Iggy Azalea


Sorry T.I., we got love for you but Iggy Azalea simply won’t work. She’s just trying too hard and her voice is not meant for rapping.

6. Kevin Federline


Kevin Federline tried about everything to become famous but his lack of talented sabotaged him. We’re not even gonna mention his debut album…

5. Vanilla Ice

Rap singer Vanilla Ice in 1991. (AP Photo)

Talking about one hit wonders. `Ice Ice Baby` may have went in during the  90`s but the rest of Vanilla Ice’s career is not worth mentioning beyond this top.

4. Kreayshawn


One hit wonder with a terrible personality. Most Hip Hop fans are glad Kreayshawn is a thing of the past. So are we.

3. Soulja Boy


Soulja Boy is an easy target for just about anyone who wants to make a diss song. He’s the perfect example of someone who’s trying to stretch his first hit clout through his entire career. After the first single, everything that Soulja Boy did was a flop.

2.  Pitbull


Every video he`s ever made features the same girls, the same lyrics , the same clothes, and the same topics. But the constant demand for remixable garbage is keeping him afloat so I guess we should give Pitbull props for that. Still, he lacks any musical talent whatsoever.

1. Flo Rida


Flo-rida is something like a hybrid rapper. No one really knows what music genre he’s representing but he definitely lacks the musical talent. His personality is something no one is missing so, here you go Flo-rida, take this big fat L from us.