Top 10 Most Significant Political Hip Hop Groups and Rappers

Hip Hop and politics never had their way together so naturally, a lot of political Hip Hop groups and rappers chose to blast the injustice of the system. A lot of them went as far as causing riots so it’s safe to say that history was made with Hip Hop while the rappers became the true voices of the streets.

Below you will find short display of the most significant groups and rappers that chose to represent the people in their conflict with the government.

10. Mos Def


Mos Def gained notoriety in 2005 when he camped outside of the MTV Music Award Ceremony and sang `Katrina Clap` in front of a growing crowd, subsequently being arrested despite having a permit. His strong anti-Bush message along with his criticism of the corrupt music industry gave the rapper a loyal following.

9. Dead Prez


As the name suggests , corruption kept this group busy while writing great lyrics. Their single ‘Hip Hop’ still remains one of the best Rap songs ever recorded.

8. Lupe Fiasco


‘You should criticize power even you agree with it’ is the motto that symbolizes Lupe’s fight for equality.

Considering the U.S Government and it`s President the biggest terrorists in the world brought a lot of attention on the Chicago rapper.

7. KRS One


Definitely a heavyweight in the Hip Hop game. KRS One continues to rap about the country’s impoverished communities and the poor state of political affairs until this day.

6. Akala


A British rapper who chooses to stay underground to keep a strong bond with his community and their problems. His fourth album `The Thieves Banquet` is a masterpiece of instrumental music and strong lyrics.

5. Tupac Shakur


Mainly known for his hard hitting gangster lyrics , 2Pac actually took a strong stand against the `gimme , gimme , gimme` culture of the world.

4. Immortal Technique


Felipe Andres, the New York-based artist known as Immortal Technique, constantly focuses on hard social-economic issues while trying to expose them through his music.

His self-produced debut album Revolutionary Vol.1 took a stand against racism, poverty, religion and imperialism.

3. KMD


KMD put their record label on blast with strong messages of black empowerment, but their second album `Black Bastard` was the one who really lit the flames and got them dropped.

2. N.W.A


Another frontier group taking their anger towards the injust system. Everyone knows by now that the group played a huge role in the LA riots with their music.

1. Public Enemy

UNITED KINGDOM - FEBRUARY 11: HYDE PARK Photo of Flavor FLAV and Chuck D and PUBLIC ENEMY, B&W Posed (Photo by David Corio/Redferns)

Public Enemy were one of the first ones to take interest in their community’s problems while representing them with their songs. A lot of Hip Hop heads are still considering Public Enemy as the best Political Hip Hop group to ever do it.