Top 10 Female Rappers Right Now

Despite being downplayed by most Hip Hop fans, female rappers held their own ever since the early beginnings and now they’re as strong as never before.

Below we came up with a top 10 female rappers to honor their contribution to the game.



Even if she’s been absent for a while, Eve is still one of the best female rappers that ever did it. She’s raw, talented and creative and her portfolio is impeccable.

9) Azealia Banks


One of the most talented rappers to come out of Harlem, New York with a unique song repertoire. Azealia Banks made a lot of noise with her single “212” but unfortunately her Twitter rants got her in a lot of trouble.

Hopefully she will focus a lot more on her music in the near future.

8) Angel Haze


Known to be a rapper but also a poet, Angel Haze takes a lot of pride in delivering her music for the fans. She’s also known for breaking from a record deal with Interscope so she can drop her debut album for free.

7) Honey Cocaine


One of the most beautiful female rappers out there, no doubts about it but don’t get fooled because Honey Cocaine is a deadly poison when it comes to lyrics and flow.

6) Remy Ma


The game wouldn’t be the same without Remy Ma! She’s been going hard remixing or appearing on all the latest hits coming from New York.

5) Rah Digga


Rah Digga is one of the strongest names in the Rap game, well respected by fans and other rappers as well. She made a name of herself in the late 2000 and she’s been going strong since then.

4) Young M.A.


Young M.A. (Me Always) made the ground shake with her first single “OOOUUU”. Everyone wants to jump on the remix and her swag seems to be inspiring for other artists, to say at least.

3) Rapsody


Hardcore, raw and underground, what more can you wish for? Rapsody has a long standing career while being well respected by everyone in the game. If the name doesn’t ring any bells you should do some research ASAP!

2) Dej Loaf


Young Dej Loaf, born in Chicago, currently living in Los Angeles. A lot of fans believe that she’s the next up and her talent is undeniable. Dej Loaf is a hit factory and her style placed her on top of the game.

1) Nicki Minaj


Even if Nicki has a lot of haters, she’s the best female rapper in the game right now. She dominates record sales, video views, ticket sales, and pretty much everything else.

She might not be the most talented female rapper, but the numbers are impossible to deny.