Top 10 Best Freestyle Rappers

Freestyling is probably the most basic form of rapping but at the same time there are a lot of fans who respect freestyle rappers because they’re creative enough to rhyme on the spot. It’s true that things are different now and some rappers don’t even write their own lyrics no more but at the same time there are ten names in the game that will forever live on with their freestyle sessions.

Below we managed to separate them.

10. Astro


Heavily influenced by the mixtape game, Astro has a hustle-type of personality and his music is the living proof for that matter. Definitely a talented artist and freestyling is one of his top qualities, no doubts about it.

9. Lil Snupe


No wonder Lil Snupe signed with Meek Mill. The kid was mad talented and he was also capable of spitting rhymes on the spot.

8. Snoop Dogg


Snoop is not necessarily a big fan of freestyle sessions but it’s a known fact that most of his recording sessions are actually freestyled. His laid back style helps the process, no doubt.

7. J. Cole


You know you’re popular when your album leak hits 1.000.000 streams in just a few hours. There’s a reason why J. Cole achieved this status: he’s a complete artist.

He’s independent, he’s humble, he’s involved in the community, and he’s able to reinvent himself every time he hits the studio.

6. Wu Tang Clan


Yes, the whole groups is legendary when it comes to freestyling so we couldn’t just pick one rapper!

5. Big L


Big L didn’t just freestyle his lyrics, he also made everyone around him look week while he did it. His legacy lives on even if he passed away.

4. Lil Wayne


Sometimes his style is too extravagant for everyone to understand him but Weezy is without a doubt a talented rapper. A lot of studio sessions were necessary for this to happen but his ability to come up with lyrics on the spot is what made him special.

3. Jay Z


One of the first ones to do it without a pen and paper. Jay Z never saw an opportunity in freestyling for the fans but instead he perfected this craft and used it in his advantage.

2. Notorious B.I.G.


Again, another rapper that never wrote his lyrics. Biggy freestyled his way from childhood to one of the greatest rappers to ever do it.

1. Eminem


Eminem’s entire career is related to freestyling. He made a name for himself as a battle rapper and later on he created his own style based on freestyle sessions.

There’s a secret why Em’ is a legend, he’s always rapping, even when he’s not working on a studio project.