Three Releases In A Month? That’s How Bohemia Roll!

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Bohemia rapper Purana Wala Bohemia latest song Image

Bohemia and J Hind are often considered as a team while Bohemia’s fans suggest that J is his sidekick. As a matter of fact, both artists have recorded together on several beats before. Tracks like “Muqabla“, “8×10 Tasveer” etc. are some of their most remarkable tracks but the best one has always been “Kali Denali“.

Eventually, in a span of seven days, “Purana Wala” was the third announcement which involved the legendary Punjabi rapper.  MTV India announced “Purana Wala” on May 9, 2017 as an exclusive release for MTV Spoken Word 2. The update was soon all over the Internet. Each and every Bohemia fan was guessing the concept of the track but no one guessed the exact theme. Bohemia rapper songs are highly poetic and this song proves why he is called lyrically genius.

It’s a classic release. The video is directed by J Hind himself and was later edited by Kerry Porter. Bohemia produced this track while J-Statik handled the post-production. Kali Denali Music member, Shaxe Oriah, did a cameo in the video of “Purana Wala”

Significant lyrics from the Bohemia latest song:

“Ajj kal mundey hip-hop dey naa te paandey khap-khaana,
Mere puraane rap aage pittey nava har gaana,
Mere ton likhaariyan di besti nai dekhi jaandi,
Hun main navey rap nai banana”

Watch Bohemia latest song “Purana Wala”  here:

Bohemia rapper songs have been highly loved and listened by hip-hop enthusiasts all over the world. A day before “Purana Wala” came out, Bohemia’s “Gold Digger” took over the internet. Next major  Bohemia rapper song is also on its way. “Main Deewana” fame, Simranjeet Singh, is going to drop “Thoddi Waala Till” with him before the end of this month. Fans are really excited for the release and it seems like he is gonna take over his fan’s hearts by dropping more and more fresh music.