THIS IS HOW WE ROLL | Sagwaan & Veer G


Artisttaan just released a new video, ‘This is How we Roll‘ and it features Sagwaan and Veer G. If you have heard music coming out of Artisittaan recently then you would agree that this track when compared to the other releases from the roster is not up to the mark.
Both the boys have a good flow and a unique rhymes scheme but it is their content which fails to impress us. They are talking about being better than the competition but I am not very sure if the competition is aware of the presence. I will tell you this though if these boys are given the right guidance they have the potential to do wonders but guidance is needed.

this is how we roll sagwaan veer g

Jacoblethal has made a dope instrumental and it has all the subtle new school elements. The track sounds tight if you are looking to evaluate it technically or on the basis of production. It is evident in the track that both Sagwaan and Veer G are capable of busting flows but their content is disappointing.

The track does come along with a very dope video which is shot by Funkaar. He is also involved in the editing and color correction of the video and the final video looks crispy. I have seen his previous work and it is getting better with every release.

I will say it once again that these boys have potential and if guided and pushed in the right direction they are capable of doing BIG things. There are a lot of rappers including some of our favourite rappers who have confessed in several interviews or interactions that when they started rapping they made less than mediocre music. It is only with time and immense practice that they were able to master the craft. Check it out here :