#TheKJiReview: ‘Swag Tera’ | Mi SH Feat Thee Emenjay

Manoj Kumar ascended from humble beginnings in the place where he grew up in Hoshiarpur, PunjabHe’s an independent Rap/RnB artist plus a music director, composer and lyricist. He has worked with a few Punjabi music makers and specialists and is a performer who is known for his blend of both hostile yet smooth voice.

Taking after Eminem, he put his genuine name and moniker’s underlying together to think of the name ‘Thee Emenjay’. Otherwise called Mack in the Punjabi music industry, He has professionally worked with a few Punjabi performers and artists like Aman Riar, Doabian, Miss Pooja and the preferences highlighting even in music recordings that have been disclosed on Punjabi media channels.

Thee Emenjay has been been a part of the industry for about 12 years now, however, in the last 10 years, he has been dynamic in expert repping.

Emenjay’s qualities rest in his capacity to tweak his vocals to fit any beat. Other than that he is a prepared vocalist and has conveyed hot underground RnB singles that have been valued by the whole gang. The USP of this artist lies the way he can be so smooth as Chris Brown on a track and in addition pack in preeminent hostility and vitality like Eminem. Thee Emenjay carries with him a particular style unmatched by some other Desi Rapper yet.

The other singer on this track is Minisha Sharma, aka Mi SH. She is a songwriter and a rapper from Himachal Pradesh and currently lives in Jalandhar. With her song ‘Bekhauf’, she ensured her position in the Desi Rap scene.

Now she has collaborated with Thee Emenjay on a track called ‘Swag Tera’ in which rap and lyrics have penned by Mish and Thee Emenjay is on the hook and has also created the instrumental for the same. She met Emenjay at the recording studio where she was recording her other mainstream track which is about to come. Emenjay got amazed by her skills and planned to do a track with her. Swankdesi has presented the whole project.

The track is all about swag and goes like, “Swag Tera, Billo, Gucci Bag Tera” and Mi SH has delivered a very good verse “Jede Mera Udande Ci Mazak, Ajj Dinde Dil Nu Dilase Oo“. This track is fun and you can listen to it when you are in a party mood.

It’s good to see that a lot of young talent is coming from Himachal Pradesh and is doing good for the scene. Mad props to Mi SH and we wish good luck to both of them.

Listen to ‘Swag Tera’ By Mi SH  and Thee Emenjay Here: