#TheKJiReview: ‘Riwaayat’ By Rajat Dhir RD And Rahmaan


Rajat Dhir RD and Rahmaan are two Delhi-based hip-hop artist who collaborated on a song called ‘Riwaayat’. This song is a collaboration between the two artists who come from the different flavours of hip-hop. Rajat Dhir uses Punjabi and Hindi blend whereas Rahman is using Urdu and Hindi to tell his views. The instrumental for the track is created by Urban Blue Production. The video for the track has been directed and edited by LatX.

With this track, the two artists want to convey a clear message to all the fake artists out there. The people climbing the stairs of success on someone’s hard work. Collaborating with more underground rappers, they want to give this culture a new life. It was Rahmaan who goes first and started spitting some heavy bars on the instrumental. After that, Rajat Dhir comes in with his Hindi and Punjabi mixed verse. From my point of view, the hook does not work for me as I was not able to connect with it. Both the artists have done their job very well and I can expect more good stuff from them.

Check Out ‘Riwaayat’ By Rajat Dhir RD And Rahmaan Here: