TheKJiReview On RAPresent By Wordsmith x Spitfire

RAPresent‘ is the first drop of the duo from Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh. As the name recommends, they are displaying to you what they truly feel, this is their heart out on the paper. Ayush Khare who goes by the stage name Wordsmith and Nitin Mishra who goes by the stage name Spitfire, have killed the instrumental. Both are Logophiles; they adore words, they cherish dialects and they’ve been composing for nearly 2 years now. Since they’re from a residential area, they simply didn’t know anyone who could help them out recording their melody so they kept what they feel covered inside the papers.

They cherish profound lyricism, dim and exceptional ideas, story based music. One fine day they chose to record a track that would portray their story and would uncover their identity. It would uncover how and what they feel and their profound roots to hip-hop. They asked Jeetender Singh better known as J-Sin to help them out. J-sin is a Chhatarpur based music maker at present working in Delhi and is the man behind the mix.

Every state and city have some sort of contribution in the DHH scene in the form of their super talented artists. This state, however, was not getting that due attention. Their main aim is to put Madhya Pradesh and their residential, Chhatarpur, on the map oh Desi Hip Hop. Underground must recognise Madhya Pradesh as well and that’s their only motto.

Wordsmith goes first and has spat some deep bars on the instrumental and after that Spitfire maintains the aura. The track is worth listening. One can see a sense the hunger in these boys to do something for their state and this can be clearly seen from this track. They gave a clear message that they have arrived and will do everything that would help them to put their city on the map.

Listen ‘RAPresent‘ By Wordsmith X Spitfire Here: