#TheKJiReview: ‘OFFENDERS 2’ By Shivi And B.Kash


Shivi Kashyap aka Shivi is a Patiala-based hip-hop artist who released his recent track ‘Offenders 2’. The track has B.Kash as a featuring artist in it. This track is a sequel to their previous release ‘Offenders’ which was released back in 2015. After the gap of one year, they are back with the sequel and trust me, these guys are fire.

The instrumental is taken from the internet and is created by ‘Yeah Beats’. The whole track is mixed and mastered by D’Khurafat. The video is shot by Gaurav Madaan and Shivi himself edited the video for the track. These guys are doing a great job and every time they try to do something different from their previous work. This is a good sign of being a good artist. The track is full of energy and with great punchlines as well. Overall the track is good but B.Kash needs to work on his delivery more. He is great, however, he can show improvement over this.

Listen ‘OFFENDERS 2’ By Shivi And B.Kash Here: