#TheKJiReview On Khalpat By Dakait Shaddy X Aniket | Team Evolution


Dakait Shaddy and Aniket Raturi are two Dehradun-based hip-hop artists who recently dropped their track ‘Khalpat’. The track is a collaboration of different art forms which together produced a unique fusion. ‘Khalpat’ is all about the current hip-hop scene in Dehradun, which has a lot of good Rappers, Dancers, Stunt Riders, and Graffiti Artists but they don’t get much fame like the artist of other cities do. The instrumental is created by Aniket and Sunil Negi and Rajat Negi added their moves in the video.

Anirudh Rived, Ankit Bhaskar, and Prateek Khattri have performed the stunts in the video. The whole track was mixed and mastered by Karan Nawan and the artwork is designed by Sumit Maurya and Dhruv Khanduri. The Photography part is done by Sumit Raturi and Avi Singh. The whole concept was designed by  Agrim Kohli and Lakshya Khanduri presented the whole track.

By and by, I feel that this is the best thing that ever came out from the Dehradun underground rap scene after quite some time. The way these two young men have killed the instrumental is wonderful. Dakait is the person who spat his verse first and assured from the start that his audience doesn’t get detached. He spat some hardcore bars with a complex flow like “Phela Tash ka Khel, First Class, Nale Pe Dhela/ Tu Sehla Speed ko, Jaise Ho Meri Laila” making him the player that plays with the words wisely.

After that came in Aniket who maintained the aura with bars like “Beat Bhai Dekh Meri Laa Deri Hai Tehelka, Shehar Bana Dekho Mere Charcha Chel Phel Ka/Aaj Bhi Tehlta Doon Ki Galyion Mein, Hoon Sangeet Ka Premi Main Na Dhyaan Gaya Galyion Main”. They surely did ‘Khalpat’ in the city after this track. Mad props to everyone who are keeping it real for the scene and giving their 100 percent for the growth of Desi Hip-Hop.

Listen ‘Khalpat’ by  Dakait Shaddy and Aniket Raturi here: