#TheKJiReview : Illegal Zindagi By Lyrik X Chen-K (Explicit)


Nadir Chen Siddiqui who goes by his stage name Chen -K, is a Karachi based hip-hop artist known for his storytelling and hardcore raps. Nadir Chen Siddiqui was born in Montreal, Canada. His father, Khawar Siddiqui is from Lahore, Pakistan and his mother, Safia Chen is from Shanghai, China. His parents separated when he was 2 years old and moved from Canada to Pakistan with his dad. This can be clearly seen from his previous releases.

He tells his stories in tracks like ‘Wese Beta‘, ‘Soch‘ and ‘Badtameez‘. Personally, I love ‘Saalgirah’ which was dedicated to his love and is one of the best tracks that I’ve ever heard. This time Chen-K is up with his new track ‘Illegal Zindagi‘ which features a verse by Mike Ramos, who is also known by his the stage name Lyrik. He is a Passaic County-based hip-hop artist from New Jersey.

‘Illegal Zindagi’ is an explicit track which spins around their own lives. Firstly, Lyrik spat a verse which goes like “They ain’t stopping me properly, perpetrating your property/Cut with swords of your owner, enter your skull like lobotomy”. Chen-K is on the second verse and he goes like “Anna mein fanna main zamanna ye samjhe,Thikana kahin na,Gunnah ke ye parche/Jahan bhi mera jaana lagun main anjaana, Anjaane dua dein, Na lena na dena”. The instrumental and video animation of this track is created by Chen-K and he himself handled the post-production for it.

Listen to ‘Illegal Zindagi’ by ‘Lyrik’ and ‘Chen-K’ here: