#TheKJiReview: ‘Hard Words’ By Shubham Singh


Shubham Singh who recently dropped his single ‘Hard Words’ is an upcoming hip-hop artist from the streets of Rohini, New Delhi. The track is designed by DeepArts. Shubham got influenced by the pioneer od desi hip-hop Bohemia and wanted to do his own tracks. He is currently working on his next track called ‘Maatam’ which is going to be release next month.

Khabre banti bichte jaal jasoos taiyaar betha, Koi na koi to marde jo bheje me vichar betha/Katre raaste katra time beetra zamana, Pakka banni dusmani jo maarne shikaar betha” 

The song started with these lines as he delivered his verse quite nicely. Shubham needs to be careful about the topic he chooses and has to work a little on his skills. The Desi Hip-Hop scene has a lot of talent and thus a lot of competition too. His track sound is not up to mark compared to the other artists but he shows a lot of potential. No one comes in perfect so he will surely learn by time. I hope he takes this criticism sincerely. He has good potential in him and we are here to support.

Check Out His Recent Track ‘Hard Words’ Here: