#TheKJiReview | ‘Days And Nights’ By Notorious Sam

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Sumanjyoti Sarma better known as Notorious Sam is a Guwahati based rapper, producer, songwriter and a studio editor. Recently, he dropped his first single ‘ Days And Nights‘ from his upcoming mixtape ‘Guwahati City’. The instrumental is taken from ‘CashMoneyAP‘ and the whole track is recorded at ‘Hot Box18, Note Gang’. The video is shot by 2Man Innovations and  ZerO24. 

This song basically paints the reality which everyone goes through after stepping into the music business. It is about the gloomy silent days and forsaken long nights, where hopes and dreams are almost ending. Your so called supporters turning their backs, changing colour but the aim is to stay strong, motivated and never give up. Keep chasing your goal and amp, work hard to achieve your dreams. His aim is to bring quality hip hop music in his city and to put Guwahati city on the map.

Listen To ‘Days And Nights’ by Notorious Sam here: