#TheKJiReview: ‘4.40 AM LYRIX’ By Msv Naamak

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Madan Shrivastav who goes by the stage name Msv Naamak is a Delhi based hip-hop. He recently dropped his single ‘4.40 AM LYRIX‘ which is produced by Syndrome. The whole track was made in 4 Hours and Msv Naamak mixed/mastered the whole track.

He was searching instrumentals on YouTube when he heard this beat and started writing his verse on it. Naamak completed this track in just 4 hours. The whole track revolves around what’s going on in the underground desi hip-hop scene right now. It is all about bars and hardcore punches and the way he delivered his verse is brilliant! The track started off like “Sunte hi beat jab chal padi kalam meri, subhaa ke 4.40 ho rhe ghadi me meri/Likhdi kahani jo maine in panno pe. Har shabd dekho neeji zindagi se juda hai meri“. This guy has a great potential and we wish him all the luck for his further projects.

Listen to ‘4.40 AM LYRIX’ by  Msv Naamak here: