“Tenu Whem Aa (Remix)” Exclusive Interview | Raga


On March 30th, Artisttaan dropped the video for “Tenu Whem Aa (Remix)” which featured Raga, Puneet Kohli and Marshall The III. The original track was a banger and this took things to another level. Raga opens up the track and goes in Full ham from the word go.

Raga drops multiple syllables in his trademark fashion and gives the track a perfect start. I like how Puneet is always willing to experiment with his style and improvise as needed. In the interview which’re you about to read, Raga himself confessed that it was Marshall who killed the track and I cannot disagree with him. In addition to the audio, the banger came along with a smashing video. It was edited by Marshall himself. The video has several cameos including the DHH giant Raftaar who has mentioned several times that he is Raga’s fan.

I caught up with the homie Raga to talk about “Tenu Whem Aa (Remix)” and to see what is he upto and how does the future look like for him. Have a read:


Slyck: What is Raga upto these days?

Raga: Now a days I’m on some soulful shit. Plus the darker portion of the art has been pulling me so hard that I can’t describe. Much more to tell about it in coming questions.

Slyck: What were the events like which lead to the remix of ‘Tenu Whem Aa”?

Raga: I liked the rhythm of the beat plus plus I often jam with Puneet and Marshall. We finally decided to work on this after a few jam sessions. We get things done together.

Slyck: The video looks sick, how was your video shoot experience?

Raga: Well, this was my first video shoot experience with a drone and it was a little horrifying at times. Charanjeet Singh, our drone operator, killed it. I love the frames in the video. Marshall edited the video himself so you know how much work he put into this.

Slyck: Who do you think had a better verse on this track?

Raga: I am a very flow oriented rap listener. I think Marshall had the best flow and he killed it in the track. His flow complimented the beat and it is a treat towards the end of the track.

Slyck: Tell me a little about the various cameos?

Raga: Cameos were arranged by Marshall and Puneet themselves. “Raftaar bhai ka support bhi mil gaya to video mein 4 chaand hi lag gaye” (English Translation : Our brothers Raftaar’s cameo took the video to another level) .

Slyck: Is Raga working on an album?

Raga: I am working on an album. The title will be revealed soon. Tracks have been arranged in a proper order. Vibe of the album is a little dark and covers the negative part of my mind which is way more dominant than my positive side. It’s a piece of art I put in so much of my time and hardwork. It will be featuring some of the prominent producers from the mainstream and underground. Keep in touch with DHH and Artisttaan for more updates on it.

Slyck: What message would you like to give for your fans and followers?

Raga: I don’t have any fans. I aim to earn a true listener by my art with each play. I wish to have some but true listeners who focus on lyrics. keep listening to your RAGA and I will make sure I won’t disappoint you.

Watch “Tenu Whem Aa (Remix)” by Raga, Marshall III and Puneet Kohli here: