Ten Rappers That Lost Their Mother

Losing the person that gave birth to you is never easy even if people sometimes see this as motivation to carry on with their struggle. Some rappers had to deal with their share of the pain when they were young and for a few of them this tragic loss had a great impact on their music.

Below we have ten rappers that lost their mother but still managed to remain focused on their creative side.

Pimp C


Pimp C lost his mother before reaching fame in the music industry. His loss was a shock but the rapper managed to transform it into motivation to do better. Ultimately he was reunited with her in the afterlife.



Benzino never really made it as a rapper but he was heavily involved in the game. Unfortunately he lost his mother but he still managed to remain focused on his business.

Lil Jon


Everyone knows that Lil Jon is the king of Crunk but not many people know that the rapper lost his mother and struggled with the idea for a while. Being professional, Jon never showed his pain in public.

Flava Flav


Flava Flav never had it easy after losing his mother. Ultimately the rapper went to peace with the idea and he still maintained in the music business for a while with his unique persona.

LL Cool J


LL Cool J struggled with the lost of his mother through his entire career. She was clearly important to him the rapper even dedicated some of his songs to her.

50 Cent


50 Cent was raised by his grandparents in their basement after losing his mother from an early age. At some point the rapper was out of control and started dealing drugs but in the end he managed to find his way in life.



Birdman pays homage to his mother in many of his songs. The rapper lost her when he was at a young age but that served as motivation for his hustle. As we can see now, Birdman is one of the richest Hip Hop moguls.



Nas, one of the most appreciated lyricist in the game had to deal with the premature lost of his mother. Obviously, the event marked him but he’s still going strong at 40 plus years.

Andre 3000


One of the most the most creative artists in the music industry had to draw inspiration from a sad event that took place in his life. Andre 3000 lost his mother a while ago and obviously this marked him in a certain way since they were really close.

Kanye West


Kanye West had suffered a great shock when he lost his mother. Soon after his girlfriend Amber Rose broke ties with him so that was a bad year, to say at least. Nevertheless, Mr. West lived to see better days.