Ten Fake Rappers That Fabricated Their Persona

This top was almost impossible to make since we have so many candidates that could’ve been included.

Nevertheless, we settled for ten fake rappers that fabricated their persona in order to sell records and maintain in the music industry. Check them out below.

50 Cent


Apparently, 50 Cent is not really who he claims to be. After getting shot nine times and failing as a drug dealer (according to himself), Curtis Jackson focused exclusively on recording his music.

Ultimately he made it in the Rap game but apparently he portrayed someone else from Jamaica, Queens, who went by the name of “50 Cent” who sold drugs and got shot during a bad transaction.

The coincidence is pretty big, isn’t it?

The Game


Game might just be Rap’s newest Boogeyman, but when it comes to his background, the story doesn’t really add up. All he claims is gang life but pictures with him stripping and footage of him crying on TV continue to appear online.

That, of course, is far from being the tough guy that he claims.



Akon based his whole music persona on being an ex-convict out of a car-stealing ring but apparently his story doesn’t add up either.

Apparently, the rapper fabricated the story with fake documents and when he in turn had only spent a few months in a jail in Atlanta for stealing one car.

Rick Ross


The rapper Rick Ross is probably the easiest target on this list. The MMG CEO saw a good opportunity in the Rap game and took it by portraying the drug dealer Rick Ross while copying his background.

The real Rick Ross even filed a lawsuit against the rapper while exposing the authentic story.



Diddy had a special talent to hang around artists with great potential. He never had a set of skills of his own, and rather used people for rhymes, beats, and primarily, everything that he could.

He also faked his gangster persona through the years.

DJ Khaled


Another gangster by affiliation. Khaled loves to hang around with the bad boys when in fact he’s nowhere near the street life.

He’s not a rapper, he’s not a music producer, and in fact, he’s got nothing to do with the street culture. He loves to see gangster rappers doing what they do and he hangs around them every time he has the opportunity.



Tyga would’ve been just fine if he stuck to making records about love and partying but he just couldn’t help himself and yet again portrayed himself as a gangster.

Unfortunately for Tyga, the truth was revealed and apparently he’s just a kid from the suburbs.



Plies was the next big thing until people started questioning his gangsta persona. Someone did some background research and apparently he’s just a rapper portraying to be hard.

He’s got nothing to do with drug dealing nor the gangster life.

Soulja Boy


Besides making a breakthrough for the “Internet Rappers”, Soulja Boy gets credited for nothing.

Even if he often recommends himself as a gangster, he is actually a suburb kid trying to look cool. A lot of people fell for it and Soulja Boy took full advantage till his story turned flop.

40 Glocc


40 Glocc takes the biggest ‘L’ in this top simply because he fell for his own trap.

Often jumping people on camera and posting altercations online, he saw himself beaten up by rival rapper The Game while having his video released online. After the event took place, 40 Glocc sued The Game and turned Christian all of a sudden.