Ten Rappers With Insane Cribs

Every rapper likes to take pride in his assets but some of them just like to stunt harder than everyone else. Don’t believe us, then why would you think someone needs strip clubs in their house or 17 bathrooms!

Well to be fair their “house” is actually a mansion and the owners are actually successful entertainers. Confused? Check out a list with ten rappers that live in insane cribs to figure out what we’re talking about.

10. Birdman`s Villa in Miami Beach


You wouldn`t necessary associate Birdman`s style with a renaissance villa, but the man can actually surprise you.

19.000 Square feet on Miami`s Palm Island with direct ocean access and a swimming pool bellow the ground ads to this spectacle of wealth. Along with 17 bathrooms.

9. Lil Wayne`s Mansion in Miami


Having your own skate park on the rooftop is pretty convenient, isn’t it? Add a waterfront view from a private island in Miami to that equation and Lil Wayne as the owner.

8. Diddy`s place in New Jersey


This is where Diddy rests his head were relaxation means a small golf course , a tennis court and 17.000 square feet of living space.

7. Dr. Dre`s castle on the Hill


A modest 10.000 square feet wouldn`t impress most of the rappers on this list, but a modern design placed in the Hollywood Hills with an incredible view gives Dr. Dre’s place a huge boost.

6. Drake`s Hidden Hills retreat


When it`s too cold in Toronto Drake can fly away to a 12.500 square feet palace in California. The mansion has a 80 foot water slide , a 24 seat cinema and a mechanical bull among others.

5. Jay-Z`s Malibu hideout


Buying a house from Cher can go wrong in so many ways, but Jay Z’s renaissance style mansion in Malibu comes equipped with everything you need to feel like a king. The 13.000 square feet guarantees him and his family enough space to be themselves.

4. Eminem`s Michigan estate


After taking the music world by storm with his unique style, Eminem jumped from the trailer park into a 15.000 square foot mansion, formerly belonging to the CEO of K-Mart. Way to go, Em’!

3. Will Smith’s Palace


Incorporating an `organic` theme to it , Will Smith`s Calabasas home took 7 years to build and it features a artificial lake , basketball and tennis courts , a recording studio and 25.000 square feet of family bliss.

2. Russell Simmons`s New Jersey pad

Russell Simmons pad in New Jersey

Probably the only one with a meditation room , this 35.000 square feet compound is a great home for this entrepreneur and his family.

1. 50 Cent`s Crib in Connecticut

50 Cents house.

50.000 square feet , just think about it! You could house a small village inside, never mind the indoor cinemas , a huge car park and its own private night club. Fif’ you crazy for this one!