Ten Rappers Born Outside of U.S. That Still Made It Big

Being born outside of U.S. and having your breakthrough in the music industry is almost next to impossible , especially if you’re a rapper. People like to identify themselves with you and that’s harder to achieve if you’re foreign.

However, these ten rappers born outside of U.S. relocated and managed to have a good impact in the Rap game.

SchoolBoy Q

ScHoolboy Q. Ten Rappers Born Outside of U.S. That Still Made It Big

Even though he’s a big name in South Central Los Angeles now, SchoolBoy Q was actually born in Germany, at a military base. His parents got divorced and he moved with his mother to Texas for a while before moving to Cali.

Wyclef Jean


Wyclef Jean took the U.S. music industry by surprise with his vibrant personality but he’s actually from Haiti. The man was heavily involved in the country after the 2010 earthquake and he proudly displays his roots every time he gets the opportunity.

J. Cole


Just like Schoolboy Q, J. Cole was born in Frankfurt, Germany. His father is American and his mother is German, and Cole actually lived in Germany until his father abandoned the family.

He then moved to the States and started rapping when he was barely 12 years old.

Nicki Minaj


Nicki Minaj was born in Trinidad and Tobago before her family moved to Queens, New York when she was five. She then relocated several times and worked at least 15 jobs before making a breakthrough as a rapper.

Slick Rick


Currently being banned from U.S., Slick Rick was actually born in England but relocated to Bronx, New York. He later reached fame and became Hip Hop’s greatest storyteller.

Honey Cocaine


Often looked at as one of the hardest female emcees in the game, Honey Cocaine was born in Canada. She’s of Cambodian descendent and her name quickly reveals that – Sochitta Sal.



While relocating to Los Angles for quite a while, Drake carries himself as a Toronto native. He’s been promoting the city even when Canada didn’t mean much in the Hip-Hop game and by the looks of it, he’ll retire doing the same if we ever get to see the day.

Immortal Technique


Immortal Technique was born in Lima, Peru before he relocated to Harlem, New York. He’s heavily involved in the political Hip-Hop scene and has been a great asset to the game so far.



Not many people remember the name but Canibus actually made a number in the Rap scene a few years ago. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Canibus is known for choking during a battle rap.

Despite being in that situation, he still gets a lot of respect from other rappers for his talents.



Known for her contribution with Salt-N-Pepa, Sandra Denton was actually born in Kingston, Jamaica. She relocated to New York when she was a child and later on made history with her music.