Ten of the Most Known ‘Mom’ Songs

Many people say that every successful man has a strong woman that constantly reminds him to do the right thing. The rappers enlisted below are the perfect example of this saying and the good thing about it is that they never forgot about that special woman in their life.

Check out ten of the most popular mum songs from rappers.

10. Outkast – Ms Jackson

Although not particularly a dedication to mothers only, this classic tune sure brings an homage to mothers around the world, especially if they weren’t so happy about the boy she brought home.

9. Kanye West – Hey Mama

Although Kanye is nowadays, probably, the epitome of arrogance, we all know that there is one person who Yeezy puts above all. This one is and always will be for her.

8. Drake – Look what you’ve done

Drake even cancelled the European leg of his tour when his mother had surgery. As he said it, “she is the only one who loves him unconditionally” so he’ll always reciprocate that love, 10 times if possible.

7. Jay-Z – Momma Loves Me

This dedication from his heart, found at the end of his double platinum album “The Blueprint” has Hov presenting his surrounding while growing up.

6. Snoop Dogg – I love my momma

The end of Snoop’s “No Limit Top Dogg” is probably something you wouldn’t expect if you were listening now for the first time. Being on the same album as “Bitch Please” shows that everyone has a soft spot on the inside, at least when it comes to family.

5. Ghostface Killah – All that I got is you

On this track, Ghostface shares the struggles that he and his family had to go through before he was rich and famous.

4. DMX – I miss you feat. Faith Evans


The pain that DMX felt when he lost his grandma can be felt in this song. Just to complete the masterpiece, Faith Evans joined him singing “Amazing Grace” for the chorus.

3. Eminem – Headlights feat. Nate Ruess


My favourite one on the list, probably because it was something I simply did not expect from Eminem after all those years. This would have been number one if the other songs weren’t so damned good.

2. J Cole – Apparently

When I first heard this song, it gave me teary eyes. You can feel how J. Cole really apologises from his soul while recognising his selfishness to the only person who will never turn it’s back.

1. Tupac – Dear mama

It just couldn’t be another top pick for this. It probably is one, if not the most recognised dedication to mothers, at least for hip-hop heads such as myself.