Ten ‘One Hit Wonder’ Female Rappers

The Rap game is hard on upcoming rappers with many of them becoming one hit wonders after catching a breakthrough.

Female rappers are no exception to that, below we managed to separate the ten best examples.

1. J. J. Fad

Back in 1987, N.W.A affiliates J.J. Fad released “Supersonic”, a song that went platinum and became a huge hit. After earning the group a Grammy nomination, the song remained their only hit.

2. Lady of Rage

The artist introduced by Dr. Dre in the 90’s with “Afro Puffs” seemed to be one of the rising stars of Death Row’s Above the Rim soundtrack.

In the end, the no. 5 spot on the Billboard charts that the song reached would represent the peak of her career.

3. Kreayshawn

“Gucci Gucci” that shows other females how only “basic b*****s wear that s**t so I don’t even bother” is the only notable song from Kreayshawn’s repertoire.
The song peaked at the 57 spot on the Billboard chart making Kreayshawn one of 2011’s one hit wonders.

4. Queen Pen

After appearing on Blackstreet’s “No Diggity” track and gaining some buzz, Queen Pen released an album of her own but only managed to cement her status as an one hit wonder with the song “Party ain’t a Party”.

5. Khia

Although not exactly a no 1 single, Khia’s “My Neck, My back (Lick it)” definitely remains as a cult favorite which also includes her in our One Hit Wonders top.

6. Boss


Boos is one of the first female gangster rappers to catch a breakthrough with her no 1 hit “Deeper”. The song made some buzz until 1994 until it was revealed in the press that she had been raised by an upper middle class family which was not really in accordance with the life she was portraying.

7. L’ Trimm

The female rap group reached it’s peak in their musical career when their ode “Cars with the boom” reached the 54th spot on the Billboard charts. Although that hit gave them a boost and label deals were signed, they never managed to top their first achievement.

8. Nikki D


Although she was the first female rapper signed to Def Jam and she had a no 1 single called “Daddy’s Little Girl”, Nikki D’s album barely sold 40.000 copies leaving her at the status of a one hit wonder.

9. Brooke Valentine


After the success of “Girlfight” featuring Lil Jon and BIG Boi, Brooke Valentine didn’t quite manage to overcome her own performance.

She was preparing a second album and even release two additional singles that made the charts, but she never got close to the success of “Girlfight”.

10. Lumidee


Lumidee broke out with her debut single “Never leave you” and although she had another hit in 2007 with Tony Sunshine called “She’s like the wind”, she never managed to fully capitalized.