Ten Crip Rappers That Hold Their Flag Up High

Gang banging isn’t really glorified in Hip Hop any more since selling records is much more profitable than committing crimes.

However, there are still rappers that remained close to their hood and their gang culture. Check out ten crip rappers that continue rep their set.

Snoop Dogg


Snoop Dogg is without a doubt one of the most notorious Crip rappers in the game. Snoop reps his set to this day and in California he’s one of the most respected OGs, regardless of the city or the neighborhood.

Nipsey Hussle


Nipsey Hussle is one of the young figures in the game but his gang ties are hard to be denied. Nipsey raps his set with pride and he receives recognition all across Cali for his originality.

Max P


Max P’s voice is something you can’t mistake but his love for his Crip set is undeniable as well. Max took the Rap scene by storm with his single “Gang” and at the same time he paid an ode to his gang.

SchoolBoy Q

ScHoolboy Q.

Even if Schoolboy Q said that he quit the gang life for good, he’s still a Crip rapper by affiliation. His close relatives represented the gang and Q did so up until a while ago.



Dub C is one of the most representative Crip rappers of all time with many of his singles being dedicated to the gang. He still makes music up until this day and he still reps his set.

Young Jeezy


Not many people know this but Jeezy has strong ties with the Crip nation. He’s a well respected ATL figure and he still reps Black Mafia Family up until this day.

MC Ren


MC Ren is an OG up on the West Coast with his ties to the Crips being as solid as always. He never spoke about anyone else and he’s Rap sheet is impeccable so we’re guessing that he’s well respected on his set as well.

Daz & Kurupt


Daz and Kurupt reached the OG status a while ago, both on the streets and in the music industry. They played their role perfect until now and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon by the looks of it.

Spider Loc


Spider Loc’s union with G-Unit was well received when 50 made noise in the music industry. Today Spider Loc is doing his thing independently and he’s still a well-known Crip rapper in California.

Warren G


Another OG making his way into our top. Warren G will live forever with his music but he’s also a Crip member that carries the flag for his set.