Ten Blood Rappers That Are Now Successful In The Music Industry

Despite being in a good situation to show their talents, lots of famous rappers never had it easy and grew up around gangs and crime. Blood rappers are really popular in the music industry but only a few of them have authentic ties with the gang.

Below we separate the ones that also have some proof to backup their stories.

The Game


The Game is one of the most notorious bloods in the music industry. He claimed to be part of the gang several times on his songs although there is no certainty of his past ties.

Young Thug


One of the newest sensations in the Rap game, but at the same time a well-known gang member. Young Thug adds a new definition to gang banging but he claims to be well connected in the streets.



YG is a strong representative of the Bloods Gang and he makes sure everyone gets it in almost every song he releases.

His videos are the perfect testimony to his gang affiliation as well.



Again, another rapper with strong gang ties. Birdman is vocal about his gang affiliation every time he gets the opportunity to do so and everyone says that he’s the real deal.

Waka Flocka


A young rapper but a long time gang banger. Waka even went to Cali for several video shoots to touch base with his OGs and apparently they showed him a lot of love.



B-Real is a silence presence when it comes to gang banging. Even if he never insisted on the idea of being a hardcore blood rapper, people around him say that he held it down before taking his rapping career seriously.

DJ Quick


Another silent presence when it comes to gang banging. DJ Quick chose to focus on his career mostly rather than risk his life in the streets but he still held his own as a blood rapper.

Gucci Mane


Gucci Mane’s affiliation with the bloods is notorious in Atlanta. The man claimed his set right when he jumped in the Rap game and he still gets a lot of respect from the gang members.

Jay Rock


Jay Rock is probably one of the newest figures in the game to be affiliated with a blood set. Even if he never seems to show off, Jay is well connected in the streets.



Ty Dolla is not really the type to gang bang but his ties with the bloods are really tight. Some say his father used to be part of the gang back in the day but apparently the rapper didn’t fall off behind either.