The Technology Behind Machine Desi Hip-Hop Is Finally Revealed

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most talked about technology nowadays and is considered to be helping the mankind in every aspect. From smartphones to self-driven cars this technology is a big deal in today’s computer world. The simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computers, is what Artificial Intelligence basically means. These processes include 1) learning (the acquisition of information and rules for using the information); 2) Reasoning (using the rules to reach appropriate or definite conclusions); and 3) Self-correction. Apple’s “Siri” can be a good example of A.I.

In the music industry, A.I. can be used for writing lyrics and composing. The past year has seen a number of notable announcements like IBM’s Watson Beat Project, Google’s DeepMind Project and Sony’s Flow Composer to name a few.

In 2016, Google’s Artificial Intelligence program wrote it’s the first song. The use of A.I. in the music industry is advancing and a lot of music creators have started using this technology.A.I. written lyrics are still in an early stage but A.I. written music are pretty common and loved by a lot of people.

The popularity of A.I. in the South Korean Music market is such that when a song created by an A.I. composer was out for sale, fans were seen rushing to stores or downloading the music online. According to music gurus, it will take a couple of years for a fanbase to grow and for the music to be any good.

Desi Hip-Hop is not far behind in using these technologies. We are listing a couple of videos which is based on Artificial Intelligence that you might like. Some of the songs don’t make any sense but it has marked the beginning of the era of music production.

Watch Bollywood Video Parody- Machine Desi Hip Hop here:

If you didn’t understand or enjoyed the video, here is the other one by AIB: