TaZzZ Is Pushing The Underground With His New Album

We recently posted about the U.K. based hip-hop artist TaZzZ who is about to release his album on March 30th, 2017. The album is called ‘Epic Dreams‘ and his audience is already excited about it. TaZzZ keeps the spirit of hip-hop alive and likes to share stories about his life through his music.

‘Epic Dreams’ has a track on it with Guru Lahori and Mohan Singh. Two of the most popular and celebrated artists from Black Eye Galaxy. Yes, Guru Lahori and Mohan Singh have earned their guest spots on the album.

Guru Lahori, Mohan Singh and TaZzZ

Both BEG artists have been working hard to earn their share of respect and acclamation for a very long time now. Their recent releases have been remarkable and the level of lyrical skills that Guru and Mohan have been using now has improved with time. BEG’s ‘Legend‘ is one of the best tracks that the underground music listeners have ever witnessed. On the other hand, TaZzZ has already left his mark way before the rest actually did. ‘Pardes‘ is the latest talk of the town and has left everyone amazed.


TaZzZ answered this question to DesiHipHop.com and suggested:

“I wanted to work with Guru and Mohan from a long time and ‘Pardes’ happened. I knew that I wanted Mohan and Guru when I was producing the beat. The concept fitted perfectly. On the other hand, I am satisfied with the end product. Guru and Mohan have absolutely nailed the track with their verses. It’s amazing that the internet helps the mankind and a person can produce something epic like this. I hope to meet BEG in person one day to create some more energetic projects”.

Another reason ‘Pardes’ happened is that both BEG and TaZzZ are living in a foreign land. But, leaving the motherland to lead a different life elsewhere is not always a choice. Guru, Mohan and TaZzZ have been living this way for a long time now and this makes ‘Pardes’ even more interesting.

‘Epic Dreams’ is available for pre-orders through iTunes. There’s no word on the free streams yet but DesiHipHop.com will keep the updates coming.