‘A Tale of 2 Cities Remix’ – MC Heam


MC Heam just released a new video ‘A Tale of 2 Cities Remix’ and it reminded the listeners of who MC Heam really is. He hasn’t dropped any music for a long time and this comes as a treat to his followers.

MC Heam is always known to pack bars in his verse and this is no different. His 8 year old grind is summarised is in this free verse. He reveals that he has something big in his back pack and he is waiting for just the right moment to release it. He also cleverly articulates that a record label is also trying to sign him but his vision is bigger than just getting signed.

A Tale of 2 Cities Remix

Initially I was not sure if he picked the right beat because J.Cole has already killed this beat, but 30 seconds into the track and you will see that he slay’d the beat with maturity. Whenever I am sitting with my peers talking about Desi Hip-Hop, Heam is always mentioned for an abstract but catchy delivery. He always punches in a laid back vibe towards the end of his bars.

A black and white video was apt for the track and it carries off the track fairly well. The person who shot the video was also the guy who mixed and mastered the track, Sun-J, is also a B-Boy from the crew ‘Agnastik’ which is a powerhouse in itself.
The capital has been a hub for Desi Hip-Hop for the past 1.5 months with various releases from KRSNA, Prabh Deep, YOUNGSTA, Seedhey Maut, Raga, KRTK and now Heam. It is pretty killer to see the entire scene putting in work and efforts in driving out some really good music.

Check out the video right here :