Tadpatri Talkies Slay Hypocrisy Of Hip Hop Scene With Gari-B Ki Kahani

Tadpatri Talkies has brought the much-required quotient of humour with Gari-B Ki Kahani. After creating lot of hype the video is finally out and it’s hilarious! For those who don’t know, Gari-B is a character like none other. He represents the streets and is the hungriest rapper out there, literally!

Gari-B Ki Kahani is a take on the direction our hip hop scene is headed in. Being from the Gully or Slums has become mainstream thanks to our media who loves glorifying the poverty of our country. This video slays the hypocrisy but with comedy, so if you get offended get a sense of humour.

gari b ki kahani tadpatri talkies poster

From the sound of the first word, people will understand which rappers’ styles have been mimicked. We won’t be dropping any names though! Desi Hip Hop scene surely lacks good comic content currently and Tadpatri Talkies is here to bridge that gap.

Gari-B Ki Kahani has clever witty rhymes and a one of a kind parody video. Its music video is minimalist work with a maximum quality output. Gari-B strolls around Mumbai city taking shots at everything from slums to PDA. The bhel eating part had us cracking the most! This is sure to become an anthem soon.

People who attended B3 India’s event Art of War held in February got to see Gari-B’s stunts in person. From distributing change to making people do the TT (Tadpatri Talkies) sign, Gari-B stole the show singlehandedly. We want Gari-B to be the official host for all Battle Bars Bombay events, that would be epic!

gari b at b3 india art of war

Tadpatri Talkies is a comedy TV channel that delivers rich content. Gari-B just happens to be one of their sketches. The group has a lot more to offer. We got in touch with them for a little insight on the making of Gari-B Ki Kahani. “#GariBKiKahaani is the perversion of what we thought is an underlying sound and message of many up and coming songs in Indian Hip-hop. Think of it as the blend of everything that you’ve heard in the recent boom of the movement, condensed in one song, cranked to 11. But, primarily, the song also stems from Tadpatri Talkies’ favourite pass time activity – to imagine impossible characters in an everyday situation. So, it’s an idea that automatically snowballed into the territory of parody and satire, but never was it the intention,” they stated.

Team Tadpatri Talkies further added, “The culture gave us enough fodder to frame a character around it. Accordingly, we like doing the tightrope walk of making such topics seem believable, at the risk of people taking offence, but yet staying as respectable to the form of the content, and by extension, to the culture as well.
This could serve as a primer to what’s to come in the future, but doesn’t necessarily define the direction in which we will keep building characters, scenarios & stories that shall continue to amuse and/or entertain.”

We certainly await more from them. Till then check out Gari-B Ki Kahani by Tadpatri Talkies and share your views with us. Do you like what you see?